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We are planning a broad and interesting programme, and as our ideas develop and plans firm up you'll find an outline and then some more detailed information on our Programme page. At this stage the main point to emphasise is that part of our programme will reflect the work, activities and interests of our Guests of Honour in science fiction fandom

If you have any ideas for programme or simply want to put your name forward visit our Programme Suggestions page.

Inclusion at Innominate

We plan to have programme for all ages - including programme for both adults and children. We will also have spaces set aside for young adults and a crèche for infants as well as lots of places where all attendees can take part in the convention together. In our quest to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible we are committed to setting aside a quiet spac, where members, who need to, can take a break from the activity and pressures of the convention.

Dealers and Fan-Tables

Innominate will have both dealers and fan-tables. These are now fully booked - However if you are a small-press or independent author coming to INNOMINATE you can still offer your books for sale at the convention How?

Roy Gray of TTA Press has kindly agreed to run a book sale table specifically stocking work of small-press and indie authors. Roy has been very generous and agreed to do this without taking a fee or cut. Authors are welcome to stay in the Dealers Room and promote their work, or they can leave their books in the experienced hands of Roy.

There are a few restrictions:

- 6 copies of one or two books per press/author, which can be replenished as they sell
- Representatives of the author/press must be at the con to handle books and any profits
- Prices must be rounded to the nearest pound or 50p, e.g. £6.00 rather than £5.99
- Books should not be of a higher price than £12
- Cash sales preferred
- Books should be new, not second-hand copies
- If the table is oversubscribed, priority will be given to the newest works
- All books and any cash MUST be collected by the end of the con
- This is at the book suppliers’ risk – Roy will try to sell your book and return any unsold with the appropriate cash but things do go wrong

If any books are left over, neither Roy or INNOMINATE can store or transport them and they will be donated to Dublin 2019’s Book Outreach programme. Any cash which is uncollected will either be passed along to charity or amalgamated into INNOMINATE’s pass along fund for Follycon.

This is a great opportunity for authors to promote their work without the commitment of a Dealers Room table and we do hope authors take advantage of it.

Art Show

We will be hosting a traditional Eastercon art-show highlighting some of the best science fiction art by artists from the UK and elsewhere. Use the button to our Art Show Booking page if you want to request more information about the art-show. Then nearer the convention visit our Art Show page to find out who is exhibiting and who may be putting their works up for auction at the convention.Art Show.

Afghan Mothers

We are supporting a group helping Afghan Mothers. For more details about them and our involvement click of the button at the top of this page.

How Can I Help?

We are always looking for volunteers, in all areas of the convention. If you want to help visit our Volunteering page.

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