Programming will start at 11:30am on Friday and end no later than 5pm on Monday, although there will be the "Dead Dog" (socialising in the bar) and gaming for people who are leaving on Tuesday.

The full programme is available here

We wanted to have as many topics covered as meet the interests of our attendees so that everybody can find something to suit them. There will be panels, talks, kaffeeklatsches, readings, interactive sessions and evening entertainment.

Highlights include:

  • An evening of live SF and Fantasy inspired music including a World Premier of music from the film "Blade Runner 2049" by Johann Johannsson.Full details can be found here.
  • The George Hay Lecture, this tear to be presented by Dr Debbie Chachra, Associate Professor of Materials Science at Olin College of Engineering (
  • A short-story competition, the winner of which will be chosen by attendees in a special session, and announced at the BFSA Awards and then published in a NewCon Press Anthology
  • A Pyjama Disco DJ'd by Jo Playford and her assistant, none other than Guest of Honour Colin Harris. There will also be a Regency DFance on the Friday evening. To find out more go to our Convention Dances page.
  • A full Games programme, including a 24/7 Games room and a LARP.

We will in addition to celebrating the works of our Guests of Honour be encouraging extra discussion this year on Art, Disability and Science.

If you are interested in being part of the programe or have any ideas about what should appear on the programme, please do let us know at or use the button(s) below. We are particularly looking for people interested in offering workshops, family focused and children friendly items, as well as people who normally do not attend Eastercon or participate in programming.

Programming Request: Disability in SF
We are hoping to run a mini-track on disability in SF at Eastercon this year. We have a few interested people and fascinating sessions already planned but would welcome more people and ideas. If you are interested please contact Emma England at There is a bursary available for people who do not usually attend Eastercon. We are working to make the convention as accessible as possible and Emma is happy to discuss how this is happening with you.

Children's Programming
Have you ever run workshops for children? Are you a teacher of children aged 6-12? Are you a parent who would like there to be children's programming? If so we would like people to volunteer to run sessions suitable for children. Parents will be required to attend with their children so you will never be alone with the children and no child would ever be without an adult known to them in the room. Convention staff will be on hand to offer support. We have some family friendly sessions already but would like some more. If you are interested please contact Emma at the above address.

Art Programming
We are developing an art programme to reflect the fact that we have two guests of honour heavily associated with art; the artist Judith Clute and the collector/promoter Colin Harris. If you have suggestions or would like to join in please contact Emma at the above address.

2001: The SFactor
Don't forget the short-story competition being run by the Arthur C. Clarke Award and Newcon Press! The shortlisted entrants will be invited to read their stories in a special session and the winner will be announced at the BSFA Awards. The winning entrant will be published in an anthology and receive 2001 pence. Contact Ian Whates at

Shoreline of Infinity's Event Horizon - Live Science Fiction at Innominate Eastercon 2017
We're looking for talented science fictioners to perform at a showcase event at Innominate Eastercon 2017. It could be a reading, drama, poetry, music, demonstration, stand-up, dance, juggling - any kind of performance, lasting 10 mins - obviously with a science fiction & fantasy theme.

Send me a link to a video or audio performance of what you do - don't worry about the tech quality, as long as the performance shines through. We'll pick a good selection for the Event Horizon.

Deadline for submissions - Sunday 5th March. Send your video or audio link to:  Any questions to the same address.

Shoreline of Infinity -

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