The Art Show

The Art Show

Hours of Operation

Friday              07:00 - 12:00       Artists Only

                         12:00 - 21:00       Members Access

                         19:00 - 20:00       Art Show Reception

Saturday          09:00 - 20:00      Members Access

Sunday             09:00 - 15:00      Members Access

                          15:00                    CLOSED for Auction

                          19:00 - 21:00      Collection of purchased Art

                          21:00 - 23:00      Artist Pickup

Monday             09:00 - 12:00      Artist Pickup

All artwork must be picked up by noon on Monday

All bidders must have bidder numbers - This makes it much easier to assemble all your items together at the end of the show. It also makes our book-keeping much easier. Equally if you don't realize you have succeeded in a bid, if we have your details we can contact you before the end of the convention so you can pick up your hard won art.

Print Shop - There will be a Print Shop which is an area for direct sales, which will include prints, cards, books and whatever else the artists bring. Anyone can purchase from this area by bringing the item to the Control Table and paying. Generally we can only accept cheques and cash prior to the Art Show Auction. We can put things aside if you need to use a credit card - but we will need to have quite a lot of detail from you.

Young Artists

There will be some space set aside for young artists (ages 3 to 15) to contribute to the show. This will include space to hang or display work either before or at the convention, or that they create on-site with materials available in the Art Show. No more than two items may be contributed to this section of the show per young artist.

The Art Show is also looking for young members (ages 6 to 15) who enjoy artwork and who may wish to form part of a judging panel to judge the work of our contributing artists.

Confirmed Artists

The following will be displaying their work in the Art Show:

Dawn Abigail,     Lesley Arrowsmith,     Andy Bigwood,     Clare Boothby,     Jackie Burns,     Jim Burns,     Pete Caldwell,     Judith Clute,     Richard Counsell,     Cuil,     Giulia deCesare,     Chantel Delessert,     Jackie Duckworth,     domin-IKA,     Eira,     Fangorn,     Morgan Fitzsimmons,     Sabine Furlong,     Sarah Haddock,     Peter Harrow,     Jane,     Sue Jones,     John Kaiine,     Tom Nanson,     Jenny O'Donnel,     Keith Scaife,     Smuzz,     Victoria Anne Stokes,     Alex Storer,     Anne Sudworth,     TAFF,     Margaret Walty,     Freda Warrington.

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