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Access at Innominate

We believe in maximising access to sf conventions for everyone. This page outlines what we are doing at Eastercon.

  1. All of our program rooms, art show, dealers space, and social space is on ground level. The only downside is that in some spaces people with mobility issues have to take a slightly longer route due to one or two steps not having ramps. This is less than perfect, but it is how the building is made. The carpet is quite heavy on manual wheelchair users but it is also soft and nicer for people with other mobility difficulties.
  2. We will have a quiet room.
  3. We have larger than normal programme rooms so we have no problem making sure there will be a good number of wheel chair spaces - and room to maneuver. There will also be seating set aside in the front row for those with hearing and visual impairments.
  4. The Tech team are exploring ways to improve access for deaf and hard of hearing people, which may include producing a video for participants on how to use mics and finding ways to install audio feeds for people with hearing aids, both for individuals on panels and for the audience.
  5. Programme Participants will be given instructions about using the microphones and not hiding their mouth when talking.
  6. Programme participants and attendees are being asked to contact us if they have any access needs so that we can try and adapt anything we can. (Please contact us at if this applies to you.)
  7. Large print programme guides and electronic programme guides that can be adapted for individual access needs.
  8. Discussions are underway with the caterers about providing gluten free and vegan/lactose free food

Unfortunately we do not have the budget to provide BSL interpreters or CART.

Two rooms are not accessible. The newsletter and childcare are on the mezzanine level with no lift. Anyone who wants to add news to the newsletter can be interviewed in an accessible room or drop something in the drop-off point downstairs. Childcare is intended for very young children and there will be a pick-up/drop-off point. If this impacts anybody we will work with them to minimise difficulties and concerns.

We are doing our best within our means and we always welcome more input. If you have any further questions or suggestions please do let us know at

Access Contact Form

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