Guests of Honour

Pat Cadigan

Pat Cadigan is an American-born science fiction author, who broke through as a major writer as part of the cyberpunk movement. Her early novels and stories all shared a common theme, exploring the relationship between the human mind and technology.

Her first novel, Mindplayers, introduced what became a common theme to all her works. Her stories blurred the line between reality and perception by making the human mind a real and explorable place. Her second novel, Synners, expanded upon the same theme, and featured a future where direct access to the mind via technology was infact possible.

She has won a number of awards, including the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award twince in 1992, and 1995 for her novels Synners and Fools. And in 2013 she won the Hugo Award for her novelette The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi.

Judith Clute

Judith Clute was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but grew up in Toronto with no siblings, but close friends, Chinese and refugees from Estonia, Latvia, Poland and the Ukraine.

She currently resides in London where she is an internationally successful artist who has been exhibiting since the 1960's.

Her Science Fiction work includes illustrations for Interzone and Salon Futura and covers for a number of Joanna Russ books.

Her work was also featured in Dick Jude's Fantasy Art Masters (2002).

Colin Harris

Colin Harris is a con-runner who came into fandom in 1981 and  who by 1991, had started in his passion for con-running by being involved with the Programme teams of Mexicon's 4,5 and 6. By coincidence one of his earliest memories of this time was calling up Pat Cadigan to invite her to her first UK convention.

He continued in programming until 1995 when he ran the literary programme at Intersection - the 1995 Worldcon. But here he discovered a deeper passion for Worldcon's in general an eventually ended up co-chairing the 2005 Worldcon Interaction, and has since played a crucial role in many other Worldcon's (far too many to list here)

But con-running is not Colin's only passion. He is a great supporter of Science Fiction art - and has also come to love the art of editing and publishing since he edited the programme guide for Mexicon 6 and has combined these two passions to produce Art Showcase books for a couple of recent Worldcon's.

More recently he has moved into Fanzine editing with Journey Planet which after being nominated in 2013, won the Hugo for Best Fanzine in 2015 shared by its editors James Bacon, Chris Garcia, Colin Harris, Alissa McKersie and Helen Montgomery.

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